seoToday a client excitedly told me of his plan to buy up eight domain names and somehow put words on them all, linking back to his local professional service website. Naturally I was quick to let him know that this was a mistake… and here are the main reasons:

Google does not rate websites with low-quality content, no links and no social activity as an indicator towards your main site’s reputation, in fact quite the opposite, they will downgrade it.

Buying a domain name is one thing; creating unique content and a reasonable look for it is more work on top of what you do already (hence why thousands of domains do not become websites).

Suppose you did have time to work on three other websites with domain URLs with your keywords, which I seriously doubt, are you prepared to wait one year for it all to work?

An Alternative to Domain Name Buying
Besides saving him $308, I suggested that putting some good articles on his own website would be a feasible start (he had not yet posted any blog articles or changed any content). It seems strange to me to leave the “low hanging fruit” ripe on the tree, while you go off chasing other trees that look like apples.

Another alternative to owning other keyword-rich domains is partnering with blogs that write about your industry (not just a competing service), and offering a guest blog for free, or perhaps an advertising link.

What about joining other types of business support websites? Often I see that a short ‘about us’ article on the local Chamber of Commerce has interested folk to click through to our website… these are real viewers and local prospects for our service.

How do you Know an Industry Blog is the Real Thing?
Before writing to the Editor, ensure that the industry blog or hub has a PageRank of 2 to 6 (as seen in an SEO toolbar), or at least comes up in the first page of Google for the search you also want to rank for. When offering to guest blog or exchange links, ensure that you give a little background on yourself and where you are at, to differentiate yourself from the SEO contractors in poor countries.

My favorite saying applies as well to SEO as it does to all of life:
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost