business-seo-servicesIf you are working with SEO (Search engine optimization) to obtain highly targeted traffic to your business opportunity, having high search engine ranking positions are just not enough. Everything you are doing with SEO pertains to getting visitors to your site. Hopefully, once these visitors arrive, they like what you have to offer.

The first step in getting visitors to your site involves the click through rates (CTR).

What exactly is CTR?

The click through rate is the total amount of people who click on your advertisement or, on what I am going to talk about…your meta description tag.

The meta description tag is just a small amount of HTML code that goes inside the HEAD section of a web page. This allows the webmaster to insert information (or description) about the page you want it to reflect. This usually goes right after the title tag in your HTML code.

When you do a search using specific words in a search engine like Google, a page of “results” will show up.

Looking at each of the results, you will see in order

1.) A Title
2.) Description of the web site
3.) The URL (clickable link of the web site)
4.) Cached link. This is a clickable link that takes you to an earlier version of the web site.

The title plays a major role. It needs to be interesting and eye catching. The importance of getting the description right is “very very important” as well! You don’t get this right and you will have few people clicking your link. It will not matter how good your web site is if nobody sees it.

Look at it this way…These are the “only” two things people can look at when they are searching for something of interest to them. Not only that, but you are competing with the other web sites on that page of results for their “click”. Whoever wins this game, receives more traffic to their site!

For SEO, you need keywords in both of these. Just as important though, you need to come up with something which “includes” your keywords that will also attract those people browsing through their search results.

To design your title.

The best thing I can tell you to do is look at what your “competition” is using. Browse the internet and look at already successful sites. Write down all of the new ideas that come to you. Do this for awhile and I guarantee you will come up with something.

To design your description.

The best way to go is to ask a question that the reader can empathize with. This is then followed by a promise or a statement of promise. I could give you an example but you will again get a better idea just by doing searches in Google and looking at the various descriptions being used by already successful sites. Take your time and do what I suggested above. This is the best way for coming up with solutions.