seo2SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by internet marketing to increase the possibilities to increase web traffic ranking positions in listings like Google or Yahoo when being searched using the keyword or phrases.

However, there are several factors that affect SEO- Good and Bad SEO techniques. No one knows about how it constantly works together with a web page. The fact is that, research is constantly involved in this manner. There are several factors that affect on how the page ranks with those search engines; and the answer would vary from the contents of your site and in the keywords that you’ve selected. However, it’s not just matter on the contents or keywords that it takes but the information and originality it makes. For the novice internet marketers, you’ll surely have the difficulty in getting this correctly.

The most significant factor to consider when creating a web content is the selection of keywords and its position. The placement of keywords is important and especially on how many times they appear on the content. This is what we called the on-page factors that will determine on how your web traffic hits.

In other words, the search keywords must appear more often on your web pages in order to increase your web traffic ranking. For an instance, if “ornamental plants” is your selected keywords, then it should appear more often on your web page content. However, it does not mean that you will use the keyword so many times at the top of the page. The search engine is very strict to this, if they will detect it; they automatically drop your ranking. Besides, it is more likely a work of unprofessional. The right keyword position should be around two percent and must be spread in the entire content. In addition, make sure that your keyword will appear on the page title and in the back end title of your web page.

However, there is also a selfish desire that led to the creation of a bad SEO technique which is labeled as “Negative SEO”. They are using unreliable schemes in businesses and are able to manipulate search engines and scam the customers by offering ineffective websites with irrelevant content; this is actually a waste of time.

The good SEO technique must have provide quality information and excellent services to the customers and compared to bad SEO technique, the good SEO does not violate the rules in different ways. They should obey the rules and laws with regards to intellectual property rights, spamming laws and so on.

In addition, the key to successful and profitable business online is to gain the clients trust. Another thing is to apply the strategies that safeguard the confidentiality and sensitivity of the content as well as the client. By knowing the factors that affect SEO-Good and Bad SEO techniques, and applying those simple strategies, the money you spent and the time will pay off.